Address Validation API

One of the prerequisites to ensuring top-notch customer service is having accurate and up-to-date address information, whether that is your customers, B2B partners or anyone else. ZipCodeAPI has many API capabilities including Address Validation API.

One company that uses ZipCodeAPI for it’s Address Validation API is PlanHub, a free, cloud based application that allows general contractors to share project files and information with subcontractors.

PlanHub has people enter their zip code, city, and state, and then simply passes the zip to Zip Code to Location to get the city and state and compare them with what they entered. 

Kevin Priddy, President/CEO of PlanHub:

We have benefited significantly from the ease of use and ZipCodeAPI integration. We have over 200,000 registered users and thousands of projects being created on PlanHub each month and all of them have to go through a location verification process.

They also use ZipCodeAPI for a variety of other uses. They use it to measure a project’s distance from a user’s location. And they use it to calculate multiple different radius options for our premium service plans. They’re using Distance Between Zip Codes and Zip Codes in Radius respectively.

I asked Kevin if there was anything else he wanted to add and he summed it up this way:

I appreciate your service.

Try ZipCodeAPI for address validation or any of the other ZipCodeAPI calls for yourself: