Canada Postal Code API Enhancement Requested by Tupperware

New Options Return More Postal Codes Per API Call

ZipCodeAPI customer Tupperware contacted us about a change they needed with the Canada Postal Code API because of a difference between Canadian postal codes and United States zip codes.

They were looking for nearby Canadian postal codes based on proximity of the users within a 20 mile radius. It worked fine for the US but for Canada, as they have a high number of postal codes within a small radius, they couldn’t leverage existing functionality, which was returning the limit of 250 postal codes within just 1 mile. They wanted to display their consultants over an area of 20 miles.

So we added two new ZipCodeAPI options available for everyone which allow for a significantly greater number of postal codes returned. We did this by reducing the amount of data returned with each postal code. The reduction in data returned keeps the bandwidth down and means that ZipCodeAPI will continue to be extremely fast.

We then got another request to increase the simple returns even higher. So we did it again. The new options are:

  • Minimal returns up to 1,500 postal codes
  • Simple returns up to 50,000 postal codes

“Your change was helpful in getting all of the postal codes within the range. We really appreciate your team’s prompt response and really like your agility to deliver it quickly.” – Jagadish Manchikanti, Director, Global Architecture, Tupperware Brands Corporation

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