ChatGPT and Zip Codes – ZipCodeAPI is the Answer

There is a lot of buzz about ChatGPT and what it means now and in the future. It’s more than just for answering questions. It’s being used by developers to write code today. Then, what does ChatGPT know about zip codes?

First, what is it? It is an artificial intelligence chatbot. It’s free and interacts with you in a conversational way. It’s even growing faster than TikTok according to CBSNews.

Developers are trying to figure out how good it is and how much they can trust. That’ll take a while to play out, and will determine the level of usage.

So what can it do now? We decided to try it out. The first line is what we entered and everything that follows is the answer AND the code that ChatGPT responded with.

Our developer looked at the code and said ‘it’s spot on’!

It will be interesting to see where ChatGPT goes from here.

But you can try a free ZipCodeAPI demo and trial subscription now and try it with or without ChatGPT.