How a Customer Chose ZipCodeAPI vs. Other Zip Code API’s

The Bowling Proprietors Association of Minnesota (BPAM) needed a Zip Code API so they looked at ZipCodeAPI vs. other Zip Code API’s. They looked at GeoLookup and ‘The Zip Code Database Project.  There were also some roll-your-own solutions as well as some Google searching potentials considered.
The goals of their website were to:
  • Drive appropriate business to their members
  • Help families understand the perks of participating in youth bowling club/league
  • Help Minnesota families locate bowling centers near them that offer youth bowling clubs/leagues (as well as the details of those clubs/leagues).
Richard Elsberry talked about setting up ZipCodeAPI:
“It was pretty effortless to bind our database of youth bowling league organizations with your service to offer our members a tool to find information within a desired location. We ended up using the ‘zip code by radius’ API as it fit perfectly with our requirements in that the user would need to select a zip code and radius and get back all locations within that mile range. Our database returns a query that contains all of the bowling establishments that offer youth bowling events. The data also contains specific event times, costs, ages etc., that inserted into a web page generated on the fly for each location.
Richard also talked about ZipCodeAPI support:
It meets our needs and we find the support to be top notch. We’ve been very happy with your ZipCodeAPI service. 
Try ZipCodeAPI for yourself and compare ZipCodeAPI vs. other Zip Code API’s.