Autofill by ZipCodeAPI to Reduce User Drop Off

ZipCodeAPI customer WRSTBND use Autofill by ZipCodeAPI to reduce user drop off. WRSTBND is a Ticketing, RFID, Cashless POS and Mobile Registration Platform.

We see about a 3% drop off in sell through for every additional field we add to a checkout form, so ZipCodeAPI really helps us by just deriving the city/state from the zip code.  We want the purchase experience to be as frictionless as possible.

Jonathan Foucheaux, Partner/CTO, WRSTBND

WRSTBND uses ZipCodeAPI Zip to Location to lookup the City/State for a zip given by a consumer, instead of asking them to fill in 2 additional fields on our platform.

ZipCodeAPI finds out the city, state, latitude, longitude, and time zone information for a zip code. There is example JavaScript code which auto-fills the city and state after a zip code is entered.

Here’s what ZipCodeAPI autofill looks like:

Reduce User Drop Off

You can try a free ZipCodeAPI demo and trial subscription and see for yourself how you can reduce user drop off.