How Students Use ZipCodeAPI

We have written up how different businesses and organizations use ZipCodeAPI. Here’s a story about how some enterprising students at Nashville Software School (NSS) used ZipCodeAPI. NSS offers bootcamps that prepare adults for careers in software development, UI/UX design, and data science.

students use ZipCodeAPI

Shane Wilson, a student at NSS, contacted us about a group project he was part of. He wanted to use ZipCodeAPI in conjunction with the Weatherbit API. Here’s what Shane had to say about using ZipCodeAPI:

For our project I needed to get current weather conditions by saving zip codes to a database and using those zip codes to hit up Weatherbit. The thing I didn’t like was that Weatherbit, for most cities, doesn’t return an ACTUAL city name. It returns the county, so my weather info would say ‘county name, state’ and I hated that.
I used your api by passing in the same zip code to get the ACTUAL city name to populate my weather info.
We were happy to extend his license for free for a good cause. No word on a grade, but Shane said: “thank you so much for helping our presentation go smoothly”.