Time Zone API with ZipCodeAPI

Knowing the time zone for a location can make it easier to do business. ZipCodeAPI makes it happen with our Time Zone API.

Zip Code to Time Zone API takes a Zip Code as input and returns the Timezone in the results. The Zip Code to Timezone API is part of Zip Code Location which also returns city, state, latitude, and longitude. This can be useful for applications that want to automatically set a timezone for a user. Read more about Zip Code Location API.

Liberty Lending Group saw the benefits of having the customer’s time zone and in 2019 started a ZipCodeAPI subscription and began calling Zip Code Location. Aaron Bauer, Managing Director at Liberty Lending Group:

Our clients are able to schedule an appointment online and it will display in their timezone, and it will translate to PST when our reps receive the appointment time on our side.

Aaron went on to say:

Our customers have the added benefit/convenience of scheduling an appointment based in their timezone without having to look up our time zone difference to theirs if they don’t know it off the top of their head. Similarly our reps get to see the appointment time in PST, their time zone, and they don’t have to refer to any client time zone charts.

So from this one Zip Code Location API call, Liberty Lending Group is able to get the time zones they need to provide a better user experience.

Time Zone API

You can get the time zones and more for yourself at Zip Code Location.