User Requests Drive ZipCodeAPI

We like to hear from our customers. They use ZipCodeAPI every day so they know what would benefit them which is why we say Users Requests Drive ZipCodeAPI. Here’s another example.

A ZipCodeAPI customer told us that they had a client that needed to search among hundreds of listings using Canada’s zip codes. For example, if they type L9P 1R1, they would like to look for listings around a radius for that zip code. They take the postal code, make a request to ZipCodeAPI for a 35km radius for a postal code, get the results, then check in the listings to see if they match with the API results.

The issue is, in the customer’s words, that “Canada is kinda crazy with the amount of zip codes they can have in a radius”. So at some point, when using a radius of 50km, for example, a lot of results will be left out because of ZipCodeAPI limits. So they asked us if it would be possible to increase that limit. They only need the zip codes, and don’t need the distance or their city.

We took a look at their request and decided that it was a good request and wouldn’t be difficult. So we implemented it within a few days.

“Thanks to ZipCodeAPI, our client can now provide a seamless experience where users can find the nearest financial advisor in seconds. We deeply appreciate ZipCodeAPI’s prompt response and ability to extend their service to our unique case.”

Alexis Guzmán

The customer uses Client-Side Access authentication which allowed them to develop their solution in a platform where server code execution was extremely limited.

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