ZipCodeAPI provides mission-critical data

For some businesses, ZipCodeAPI provides mission-critical data. Here’s the story of Corporate Management Group.

Corporate Management Group (CMG) was founded by Marv Sawyer in 1987. ZipCodeAPI provides mission-critical data to CMGAfter 15 years in the world of Fortune 500 companies, Marv wanted to use his expertise to partner with companies to strategically help them save time and money on freight, distribution and transportation issues.

For some businesses, ZipCodeAPI provides useful information, but it’s more than that for CMG. Marv explained why:

We use ZipCodeAPI for calculating mileages on each freight shipment within our client base.  One of the benchmarks we utilize is something called costs per ton mile. It’s absolutely needed or else our benchmarks are inconsistent and not useable.

CMG has been using ZipCodeAPI since 2013!

ZipCodeAPI provides many other ways to get valuable information. Others use it to eliminate data entry errors for addresses or to find zip codes within a radius. You can find more at