Use ZipCodeAPI to build the SQL WHERE clause to use in your own database

You may know that ZipCodeAPI is an easy way to calculate distances, radius, and locations for zip codes. You can also use ZipCodeAPI to build the SQL WHERE clause to use in your own database to search by latitude/longitude in a radius.

Silbo is a ZipCodeAPI customer that does this. Silbo app uses ZipCodeAPI to Build the SQL WHERE clauseSilbo is a marketplace that lets sports officials earn more by managing their own schedules and enabling sports leagues and tournaments to set specific criteria for the officials they need.
Paul Dorney, Co-founder and CTO of Silbo said that someone had mentioned ZipCodeAPI to them. They looked at other tools but they chose ZipCodeAPI for SQL:
This makes it so that Silbo can find the sports leagues in their own database that meets the location criteria entered by sports officials on the Silbo app. Paul talked about the early days of Silbo:
Really early in our product release, we had an opportunity to expand into multiple territories at once. We had decided to call ZipCodeAPI to build the SQL WHERE clause to use in our own database. Now we needed to handle a new territory quickly. ZipCodeAPI was exactly what we needed, super easy to use and fast. We had looked at other tools but couldn’t find anything else that did what we needed. And the documentation was easy too.”

When you call the API, you specify the latitude and longitude of center point, the distance/radius from this location, the field names used in your database for latitude and longitude, and a precision. The higher the precision, the more detailed the SQL string will be and the more accurate the results will be.

Try ZipCodeAPI for SQL or any of the other ZipCodeAPI calls for yourself:

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