Eliminate Data Entry Errors with ZipCodeAPI

Data errors continue to cost businesses money. We’ve updated this popular post with tips that may help you. Various studies have tried to calculate the cost of data errors. The studies also talk about the cost from data errors being significantly more if they are not stopped at data entry. Some data entry errors are hard to eliminate. Addresses are easy. We’ll talk here about data entry errors eliminated with ZipCodeAPI.

ZipCodeAPI reduces the amount of data entry by a user. It’s as simple as having the user enter the zip code before the city and state. Once the zip code is entered, the city and state are automatically filled out without any user data entry.  This is done by calling Zip Code to Location which takes zip code as input and returns the city and state. In some cases there is more than one city, so possible cities are displayed to the user who then simply selects the correct one. Once again, no data entry.

ZipCodeAPI Customers that Eliminated Data Entry Errors

New Jersey-based DCIT uses this method for BusinessMind. BusinessMind for Jewelers is a fully modern cloud based application service. It provides a full feature set that will simplify and organize the tasks that all jewelry businesses perform. DCIT created a user interface where the user enters the zip code first as described above. By calling ZipCodeAPI to do a zip code lookup, they can suggest the city and state and that reduces data entry error. DCIT Founder and CEO Raffi Minassian says: “We use ZipCodeAPI to prevent errors. Bottom line, it works great!”

Another long time ZipCodeAPI user explained that ZipCodeAPI eliminates data entry errors for them too. Jake Bennett, Lead Software Developer at Wilber,  a national insurance claims provider, said that ZipCodeAPI has “eliminated misspelled city and state names.”

Wilber has been using ZipCodeAPI since 2015 to assist them in their data entry efforts. Bennett said that ZipCodeAPI has been “working great!”

And ZipCodeAPI user RunSignUp sees the additional benefit of saving their customers time during data entry. Read more.

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