Distance Calculation with ZipCodeAPI

We hear from ZipCodeAPI customers from everywhere for all types of uses. One of the most popular is distance calculation with ZipCodeAPI. Recently we heard from Clint Lawrence, Founder/CEO of Motorcycle Shippers and how they use ZipCodeAPI for distance calculations. It was founded in 1994 by riders who “care about their bikes as much as you do.”

“We use Zipcodeapi to customize the user experience and price calculation interface on our website which offers motorcycle shipping services anywhere in the US.  Our logic calculates the distance between origin and destination addresses which allows us to offer alternative origin addresses with the goal of saving our clients’ money on their shipments by giving them more price options from which to choose.”

Clint Lawrence, Founder/CEO, Motorcycle Shippers

Here’s how you can use ZipCodeAPI for distance calculations.

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