Is your Mobile Transaction Growth Declining Due to Too Many Keystrokes?

After years of explosive growth in mobile shopping and other mobile transactions, it’s stalling. Braintree even reported that “the percentage of retail sales made via mobile phone declined.”* This is surprising news yet their conclusion makes a lot of sense: Order forms are cumbersome and demand too many keystrokes from a small keypad.” Is there an answer for mobile transaction growth declining?

ZipCodeAPI has an easy solution so that your users don’t have to type in their city and state. Have your users enter their zip code and simply call ZipCodeAPI which will return the city and state. That will save your users lots of keystrokes! Read how one ZipCodeAPI customer that did that years ago. 

Solution to Mobile Transaction Growth Declining

Another ZipCodeAPI customer found that having users enter their zip code first, gave them the added benefit of less data errors.

The idea is gaining momentum. This article in UX Planet has the right idea.

You can try a free ZipCodeAPI demo. Enter a zip code and get the city and state along with other valuable information.

*The State of Retailing Online, 2018, published in 2018 by the National Retail Federation.