Here’s Why Peek Recommended ZipCodeAPI to their Client

Matthew Osterhaus is a Product Manager at Peek. Peek recommended ZipCodeAPIPeek helps you to discover and book amazing things to do. They have received $40 million from investors to date including former Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
Matthew works on their B2B team which makes Peek Pro, a software platform for Tour & Activity providers to manage their business and take online bookings.
They integrate with Zapier to allow their clients to send booking data to a variety of other apps. For this client, they wanted to send contact info for each online booking to their CRM. One of the fields that Peek collects in their online booking flow is Zip Code but this client does all of their marketing by state. Peek had them use Zapier’s webhook functionality and ZipCodeAPI. They call Zip Code to Location to get the city and state for each customer who is booking.
Peek recommended that they use ZipCodeAPI because it could be done quickly and involved no extra development work for Peek. Matthew:
ZipCodeAPI has very competitive pricing and was super easy for the client to understand and set up on their own. Really appreciate y’all’s work on this API.
And Matthew still has his API key around for testing purposes in case he needs to recommend ZipCodeAPI to another client.
Here are the instructions. You can see the results for yourself and try any zip code. See why Peek recommended ZipCodeAPI to their client.

Or try any of the other ZipCodeAPI calls for yourself: