Small ZipCodeAPI Customers – Great Value

We’ve talked about how ZipCodeAPI customers trust ZipCodeAPI to deliver value. This time instead of talking about big companies and organizations, like Greyhound and the Veterans Affairs, here are some small ZipCodeAPI customers that trust ZipCodeAPI just as much. They all have small subscriptions but they need all ZipCodeAPI provides at a great price.

Roy Zhang created a  Chinese speaking Physician Database as a personal project. He uses ZipCodeAPI for locating physicians in a certain area for his users.small ZipCodeAPI Customers - Chinese-speaking physician database

Heidi Lee is a freelance web developer. She uses ZipCodeAPI on a client’s Auto Finance Company website.  Customers can apply online, but the finance company only provides service to certain states. So the first question on the application is “Enter Your Zip Code”.  If the entered zip code is not one of the allowed states, then a message pops up stating “service is not available in your state”. If the state is allowed, then the customer can continue completing the application.

Heidi stated: “The beauty of ZipCodeAPI is that the we can then pre-populate the city and state on the application based on their zip code entry.”small ZipCodeAPI Customers - freelance developer

Louis Scherr is the President and Founder of InstantSeats. He uses ZipCodeAPI to populate the form field for city/state when ordering a ticket.

small ZipCodeAPI Customers - InstantSeats