Zip Code API Pricing – This isn’t Rocket Science

We were looking at zip code API pricing.  These are probably your primary choices:

Here’s what we found when we looked at a few different price points:

Annual Budget $100/year $300/year $1,000/year
SmartyStreets nothing 12,000 API calls 120,000 API calls 3,000 API calls 120,000 API calls 1.2M API calls
ZipCodeAPI 1,752,000 API calls 21.9M API calls 109.5M API calls

And we were struck with one big question: why is SmartyStreets so expensive? We still don’t think it’s rocket science. Rockets are expensive. But we don’t think it should be so expensive to use a zip code API. 

Zip Code API pricing is not rocket science

You can try a free ZipCodeAPI demo and see for yourself.