ZipCodeAPI Customer List is Growing

The ZipCodeAPI community is growing. Here are more companies that have been using ZipCodeAPI and shared their story of how ZipCodeAPI benefits them and how they use it. Read how one customer is using ZipCodeAPI to reduce online sales fraud. We are proud to have them all be part of the ZipCodeAPI customer list.

Golfland - ZipCodeAPI customer list


Golfland has been providing family fun since 1953! From thrilling water parks to our world-famous miniature golf courses, our locations have something for everyone. Golfland provides world class family fun in Arizona and California.

Taylor Carlston of Golfland responded.

How does ZipCodeAPI benefit you?

  • We use ZipCodeAPI to get the latitude and longitude of a zipcode to help assess the fraud potential of online sales.

What do you use ZipCodeAPI for?

  • The benefit is not quantifiable, however in combination with other APIs (google, and a change in on-site ticket redemption procedures, we have greatly reduced known fraud with our online sales.

Plink - ZipCodeAPI Customer List


Plink is the Social Music Marketplace. Plink provides the musical artist or gig you want, when you want. Need a warm-up band for Saturday’s headliner? Bass guitarist got a flat and you go on at 9? Looking for smooth Jazz next Tuesday on your anniversary? Want to find gigs in your area to get hired? Use Plink. Search music or musicians by talent, genre, location and availability with Plink!

Todd Aaronson, President/CEO of Plink, responded.

How does ZipCodeAPI benefit you?

  • ZipCodeAPI allows the search tools in the Plink application to exceed the results of competitors.

What do you use ZipCodeAPI for?

  • Our users are geo-tagged by location during registration using their zip code. In addition, users can “travel” by changing Zip Codes and find more gigs on the road.
  • Our search tool uses ZipCodeAPI in conjunction with radius options for ‘distance from ZIP’ to identify candidates, gigs and shows.

heritage law marketing - ZipCodeAPI customer list

Heritage Law Marketing

Heritage Law Marketing is a Texas startup connecting clients with attorneys through a network of community-focused attorney directories.

The founder of Heritage Law Marketing LLC responded.

What do you use ZipCodeAPI for?

  • When matching leads with attorneys we need to make sure we match leads with attorneys within a distance of the lead. We use ‘Zip Codes in Radius’ to get a list of zip codes with a certain mile radius of the lead and use that result as one of the filters in our attorney-lead matching engine.
  • When leads enter their information on our website, we allow them to enter a zip code and automatically convert that to a city name using ZipCodeAPI.
  • Automatically getting the latitude and longitude of mailing addresses for the purpose of displaying them on the map.

Max - ZipCodeAPI customer list

Music Audience Exchange

Music Audience Exchange has built a platform for brands to reach their target audiences through breakthrough artists. This model helps brands form deeper and more authentic connections with people by enriching (not interrupting) the fan experience.

Ryan Whisenhunt, VP of Content, responded.

How does ZipCodeAPI benefit you?

  • ZipCodeAPI allows us to run sweeps across multiple markets.

What do you use ZipCodeAPI for?

  • To segment sweepstakes entries.


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