Connecting Homeowners with Contractors with ZipCodeAPI

ZipCodeAPI customer TrustPatrick uses ZipCodeAPI to make it easier for all of their customers, homeowners and contractors, to find each other.

The main benefit is that it allows our users to connect with local contractors within a 50 mile radius of their zip code while simultaneously it helps contractors connect with local customers that are not outside of their territory. 

Patrick Mattingley, TrustPatrick

They do this by using the ZipCodeAPI Zip Codes by Radius to get all zip codes within a specified radius of a specified zip code. That’s all there is to it.

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So now homeowners can connect with contractors with TrustPatrick and ZipCodeAPI, whether it is asphalt contractors, concrete contractors, kitchen remodelers, general contractors, or whatever type of home improvement project homeowners are looking to have done.

You can try a free ZipCodeAPI demo and trial subscription now and try it yourself.