Error Control and Accuracy with ZipCodeAPI

Here is a ZipCodeAPI customer that uses ZipCodeAPI for error control and accuracy.

Burnham Business Development creates custom database software solutions for a wide variety of clients.  Nearly all those apps, whether for desktop or mobile use, have a data table of contacts.  Most of today’s communication with customers, patients, employees, students, etc. has migrated from postal mail to SMS and email messages.   

“Customers still have a persistent need for error control and accuracy when people are entering data. ZipCodeAPI is especially useful in speeding up that process”.  

Dennis Burnham, founder of Burnham Business Development

Dennis explained that they concern themselves only with American and Canadian addresses by organizing the data entry so that the country is entered first, not last.  Then, when the zip code or Canadian postal code is evaluated, ZipCodeAPI gives them the correct city, saving time and eliminating misspellings.  Also, when users import data that uses Excel as the source, they can automatically detect and automatically correct the zips that have missing zeros for locations in New England, New Jersey, Caribbean and military destinations.

Whatever size your company is, whether you are Comcast, NerdWallet or Burnham Business Development, ZipCodeAPI can help.