How to Upgrade Your ZipCodeAPI Plan

Thousands of ZipCodeAPI users hit their plan limits each day. For users that want to continue using ZipCodeAPI without hitting any limits, it’s easy to upgrade your plan.

Log into your account on ZipCodeAPI: We set up a new login system at the end of 2023; if you do not currently have a login, you can sign up here:, and then claim your application: In order to claim your application, you’ll need the API key and the original contact email for the application. If you need help, you can send the API key to and we can assist you.

Click Purchase Plan from your Account Dashboard.

Then select the Usage Plan you want to purchase. You’ll have the option to replace the current plan immediately (we will refund the unused amount), or you can pre-purchase the new plan to start after your current plan ends. If you are hitting API call limits, we recommend that you replace the current plan immediately.

You can pay with the card on file or add a new credit card by clicking Choose another way to pay. Please contact us at if you have any questions about how to pay.

Finally, you can choose to auto-renew your subscription to make sure that your API connection with ZipCodeAPI is always available.

ZipCodeAPI makes it easy to upgrade your plan at any time.