Zip Code Data – Build vs. Buy

You may have considered the build vs. buy dilemma when it came to zip code data. After all, the information is in the public domain. This post will talk about Zip Code Data – build vs. buy and share one company’s decision.

IRELO looked at the build vs. buy decision for zip code data. IRELO provides a service to their clients where they “take the frustration out of identifying your next customer”. Paul Giberson is the Senior Software Architect for IRELO . They needed the data to be able to calculate the distance between two zip codes and find zip codes near another zip code.

IRELO faced the dilemma: Zip Code Data - Build vs. Buy

He had limited resources and couldn’t afford the time to develop a solution along with potential delays. Finally, he asked himself if the technology was necessary to own. He got his answers and decided to become a ZipCodeAPI customer. 

This has allowed them to continue building their products without any delays that would be caused by having to build their own database.

Paul suggested there may be “an inflection point where the API cost would outweigh the dev cost”. But he said they’ve never had to deal with such a use case. Even big businesses and organizations like Greyhound and Veteran Affairs have found ZipCodeAPI to be the best solution for them.

When asked to summarize ZipCodeAPI, he said: “ZipCodeAPI is a rock-solid API.”

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