A Better Online Address Form Saved RunSignUp Users 40 Million Keyboard Taps – Like Typing Game of Thrones 22 Times!

Why do most websites make us type in the city AND state AND zip code?   Just a zip code should be enough.  And then autofill the city and state.  We have better things to do with our time!  A better Zip Code API is needed.  

A Simpler Online Address Form

RunSignUp agrees.  They provide online registration for running events.  That’s why they use ZipCodeAPI to simplify online address forms for people signing up for races.  Users simply enter their zip code and ZipCodeAPI retrieves the city and state.  Just a zip is all that is needed!  And users won’t have to enter cities and states anymore.

Since the average city is 8 characters long (http://www.geographylists.com/list17f.html), and a state is 2 characters, RunSignUp has saved over 4 Million people who signed up for races on RunSignUp over 40 Million taps on their iPhone, Android and laptop keyboards.

A Zip Code API that Saves Users Time

How much is 40 million taps?  According to WordCounter.net that’s more than writing the Bible twelve times.  That’s more than writing the Game of Thrones book 22 times!  At 50 words per minute, that’s over 133,000 minutes or 2,200 hours.  However you look at it, just one app has saved users a lot of time.

Try an example of entering just a zip: click here.

RunSignUp and ZipCodeAPI believe all websites should need #JustAZip.