A Zip Code API Helps This Business Help Their Customers

You know the adage goes location, location, location. You know location is everything. But getting locations and zip codes for your app or enterprise is not always easy. What is needed is a powerful zip code API.

1975 stamp - "It all depends on Zip Code". Zip Code API does that now.

Real Zip Code API Needs

Gautam Tandon is the CEO of Ellipsis Solutions. He told me that they design local marketing campaigns. They optimize these marketing campaigns for a business type, budget,  and specific need. They also optimize for location. These campaigns are available on their website https://EllipsisSolutions.com. Their customers can easily search and launch these campaigns from their website. But Ellipsis Solutions needed an automated way to get zip code and location info.

They had experimented with Google’s set of APIs but they needed a better zip code API. That’s when they found ZipCodeAPI – using Google Search!

ZipCodeAPI helps them filter through thousands of campaigns in their database. It then shows the campaigns that are relevant to the user based on their business location. They use ZipCodeAPIs to pull neighboring zip codes within a 5 miles radius of a given zip code. They also use it to find the city name of a given zip code.

Guatam: “This is crucial for our website. ZipCodeAPI provides extremely relevant search results to our customers.”

Other Zip Code API Uses

Another popular usage is simplifying forms on a website. You can have users simply enter a zip code. And then ZipCodeAPI return the city and state. If you want, it also returns latitude, longitude, and time zone information. This is popular for auto-filling a user’s address by only entering a zip code. It’s also much more efficient for consumers. They don’t want to be forced to enter all of their address information. You can check out example code.

You can try it all out for free at http://www.zipcodeapi.com/