A ZipCodeAPI Customer With a Great User Experience

Last month we shared how a ZipCodeAPI customer is using the API to drive a company’s business. Sylvan Learning is a ZipCodeAPI customer that is using ZipCodeAPI to give a great user experience to their prospective customers. 

Sylvan Learning is “focused on building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring a love for learning”. So they built a website/mobile app for Sylvan In-Home which enables parents to browse for tutors and book private tutoring sessions directly online. As part of the browsing experience they can search for tutors by zip code.

Sylvan Learning uses the API to find the lat/long of the zip code and serve up the right results (tutors within a certain mileage of their location/zip).  You can try the Sylvan Learning experience https://parent.sylvaninhometutoring.com/home/browse-tutor

Dana Ledyard, Senior Director,Business Development at Sylvan Learning says “the service provides accurate results with minimal response time”.

You can see the parameters and results of calling ZipCodeAPI for “Zip Code to Location” with any zip code here. ZipCodeAPI provides many other ways to get valuable information. Others use it to eliminate data entry errors for addresses or to find distances between zip codes. You can read about them here. And you can try the ZipCodeAPI for free with your application here.

When asked to sum up Sylvan Learning’s experience with ZipCodeAPI, Dana simply said: “It’s working well!”