Geotargeting with ZipCodeAPI

Can ZipCodeAPI help with geotargeting? First off, here’s a good explanation of geotargeting in this article “How Geotargeting Can Boost Foot Traffic to Your Business“. Then we will talk about geotargeting with ZipCodeAPI.

Geomarketing is defined as the “practice of delivering different content to different consumers based on their geographic location.” The article goes on to say:

Whether through incentives, specials, or differentiation, there are plenty of ways marketers can use geotargeting.

ZipCodeAPI customer Livingston Hearing Aids is a family-owned business founded in 1946 that is focused on the patient experience. And they’ve been using ZipCodeAPI since 2016. They use geotargeting for their website This helps visitors find the closest Livingston Hearing Aid Center nearest them. They are always looking to connect visitors to their site and their offices. They don’t offer products and services online so bridging this gap between their online presence and their physical locations is paramount.

Matthew Ramirez, Vice President of Operations at Livingston Hearing Aids:

ZipCodeAPI has been something we have used for several years now and has helped us present a set of unified locations and help visitors connect with a location best suited to working with them, a friend or a family member who might be experiencing some kind of hearing loss.

Try ZipCodeAPI for geotargeting or any of the other ZipCodeAPI calls for yourself: